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HUBBLE CONNECTED Nursery Pal Connect 5" Smart HD Babymonitor

HUBBLE CONNECTED Nursery Pal Connect 5" Smart HD Babymonitor

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HUBBLE CONNECTED Nursery Pal Connect 5" Smart HD Babymonitor

More than just a baby monitor
Hubble Connected never stops innovating and inspiring. With Nursery Pal Connect, they made it crystal clear
that their baby monitors are no longer just for parents, as the 5” Smart Parent Unit’s HD resolution maintains the
perfect view of your little ones. With the complimentary HubbleGrip, you can conveniently position the Nursery
Pal Connect anywhere and easily adjust its angle of view with remote pan, tilt, and zoom functions. Enjoy the
same, reliable picture with infrared night vision, never miss a sound with the high-sensitivity microphone and
use two-way talk to comfort your infant with your familiar voice from anywhere at home. With an impressive
1000ft/300m range and up to 15 hours of battery life, the handheld parent unit is the perfect tool for your home.
It even makes bedtime easier for the whole family, providing pre-installed nature sounds, lullabies and bedside
stories that fill your nursery with comfort and peace.

Informative parent unit
Get a clear and vivid video feed of your baby’s room even at night. The video camera uses infrared night
vision technology to deliver clear and bright night-time video footage. The parent unit displays the temperature
in your little one’s room. It may be also used to communicate with your baby with its built-in microphone and
speaker. With just a touch of a button, you can play soothing sounds and lullabies for bedtime.

Crisp and sharp footage
Enjoy real-time video footage of your baby's room on the parent unit's 5" diagonal screen. It displays HD-quality
video, making sure that you never miss a single detail.

Monitor from anywhere
Whether you are in the kitchen or in the garden, this baby monitor lets you check in on your child anytime.
The infant monitor has a transmission range of around 300m.

Reassure your little angel
Need to soothe a cranky or upset baby? This wireless baby camera monitor doubles as a 2-way intercom system
that allows you to communicate with your baby when needed.

Create a calming environment
Set a relaxing aura in the nursery with this portable baby monitor. It has pre-installed soothing sounds, lullabies and
audiobooks that will help your baby drift off to sleep.

Use it all day
Don't be fooled by the compact profile of this baby video monitor. It houses a powerful rechargeable battery which
can power the camera for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Download the HubbleClub app for even more incredible features. A HubbleClub subscription unlocks video recording and
a baby growth & development tracker so you can capture special moments and log each meaningful milestone. Finally,
receive sound and motion notifications directly to your smart device from anywhere, ensuring you always stay connected
to what matters most.


  • 5" diagonal color screen
  • Privacy mode
  • Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Remote pan, tilt, zoom
  • HD live streaming via smart device
  • Two-way communication
  • Enhanced infrared night vision
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Pre-installed nature sound, lullabies and audio books
  • High-sensitivity microphone
  • Acts as interactive baby tablet your child can use as it grows
  • Pre-installed interactive baby content